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Dan Stull | Seller

I cannot describe how personally and professionally satisfying it was to work with Margo. I sold a home on Lake Sammamish - a sale that only took a week. Margo had been the seller's agent on a prior home I purchased on the lake. I think my agent had some difficulties with the negotiations, but as I listened, I thought, "Well, sounds to me like she's just doing her job!!" (Come to think of it, I've never told her that story!! Haha!!) I was impressed from afar and decided if I ever did another transaction on the lake, I would call Margo. Brilliant decision on my part. I called Margo and we discussed the market. She gave me the pro's and cons of the market, but also pointed out ther e was very little inventory available, so it seemed like we were going to be selling into a seller market. She was spot on. We had showings the first two days of the listing and within a week we had accepted an offer just above asking price from a couple who seemed very nice and very professional. The closing went off without a hitch. Throughout the process Margo was very friendly, but also very professional. Our communication was efficient and effective. Her team handled all the paperwork details. The clos ing actually took place before the agreed-on date, which worked just great for the buyers and for me. It was simply a great pleasure to do business with someone who is so obviously skilled, so incredibly friendly and so amazingly effective. Hire Margo. Listen to her advice. Your transaction will be done at breakneck speed. Margo, Thank you so much.

John Jones | Buyer

Margo was the best I have come across. I am an American who lives in Asia and have been looking in the greater Seattle area for 3 years. Margo was patient and kept on the job even though we as a Buyer would not sign an exclusivity contract. Other realtors wanted to turn a quick $$$ in a hot market such as Seattle and Bellevue and as such service was good for 30 days at most. We bought a $5.875 million home and we had some agents tell us that their time had to be fair and their $500,000 clients were to receive the same work effort as ours at 10X the price. As such at best you would get on a mailing list for computer searches that would pull up items on the multi-listing service. Regardless, Margo's true strength was her perseverance, he attention to detail and her follow through even after signing a Sales Agreement. While we were in Asia she lead all inspections (4) as well as worked with the Title Group and lawyers on our behalf. With her pleasant personality and follow through I can highly recommend for anyone seeking a home in the Seattle Greater area or if you are overseas and need a realtor you can trust, then Margo is the person for the job.

Tammy McGuinness | Buyer and Seller

Since meeting Margo in 2009 at an open house, I have used her exclusively as my realtor in eight different real estate transactions. I have purchased four separate lake front homes and Margo's knowledge of lake property as well as the greater east side has been invaluable to me as a buyer and seller. Margo is responsive, timely, strategic, creative, great at marketing, and most important someone you can trust. She has a great network of clients and partners (e.g. contractors, brokerage, inspectors, etc.) for all of my buying and selling needs. She has deep knowledge and understanding of the current market conditions both for setting sale prices and competitive offers when purchasing. Five stars in all categories. I will not use anyone else as my realtor.

Molly Whitten | Buyer and Seller

Margo is incredible! She has deep knowledge of the local market and has a ton of connections. The experience working with her is first class from start to finish (we also love her assistant, Kelsey). She helped us sell and buy on the lake and took us through what would have been a very stressful process seamlessly. She is an excellent advisor and negotiator, and she takes the time to get to know her buyers and truly represent their needs. In addition to being a savvy realtor, she is also a great person. We've become friends with her throughout the process and appreciate how thoughtful, kind, and fun she is!

John Zebala | Buyer

Margo Allan is the Eastside lakefront real estate specialist par excellence - where she helped me quickly identify and purchase my home on Lake Sammamish. Margo is always "on" and two-steps ahead of everyone else with an inside knowledge of the local lakefront market and pre-sales that only decades of experience can obtain. Margo doesn't stop with the purchase and sale contract... you will find her helping you with closing details and driving the deal all the way to close. Whether buying or selling, Margo is the only choice for your lakefront real estate specialist.

Patrick Tessier | Seller

Margo and her partner Ruth exceeded out expectations during the recent sale of our home. Their extensive experience combined with highly developed skills produced a great result. For most people, selling a home is an emotional experience combined with the biggest financial transaction in our lives. You can safely place your trust with Margo and Ruth to navigate the best possible outcome, with the least amount of stress.

Brent Fernyhough | Seller

After meeting Margo a few years ago, we have selected her as our Broker for multiple transactions on Lake Sammamish. Margo has extensive knowledge about Lake Sammamish waterfront properties and is well connected in the community. We would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell Sammamish waterfront property!

Michael Mercer | Seller

Margo's attention to detail and follow up were amazing. Her Lake front property expertise made her our obvious choice. Compass realty has a dynamic technological approach that we felt was significantly better than the competition.

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Margo Allan is a recognized Seattle Magazine five star broker who specializes in marketing and selling waterfront real estate on the greater Eastside. This laser focus has allowed Margo to amass an impressive level of intellectual capital regarding the benefits and nuances that impact waterfront living.
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